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Nordic Expert Symposium for Retention

Pohjoismainen oikomishoidon symposiumimme tuo Suomeen tällä kertaa maineikkaan Simon J. Littlewoodin, joka luennoi tapahtumassa aiheesta "Retention Essentials – the Ultimate Guide to Orthodontic Retention."


Simon J. Littlewood, BDS, FDS(Orth)RCPS, MDSc, MOrthRCS, FDSRCS


Aika: perjantai 14.3.2025
Paikka: Helsinki
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Retention Essentials – the Ultimate Guide to Orthodontic Retention

Orthodontic retention is arguably the most important topic in orthodontics, yet remains one of the biggest challenges. Dr Simon Littlewood, a specialist orthodontist from the UK, has developed a reputation for clinical, research and teaching in orthodontic retention. In this course he plans to cover the essentials of retention – the ultimate guide to retention. This will include information on reasons for post-treament changes, different approaches to retention from around the world, the best evidence about retention as well as focussing on different types of retainers. He will also discuss how new developments in technology, education and qualitative research may shape our approach to retention in the future.

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Luennoitsija: Simon J. Littlewood, BDS, FDS(Orth)RCPS, MDSc, MOrthRCS, FDSRCS

Dr Simon Littlewood has been working as a specialist in Orthodontics since 2001 in Bradford, and is Senior Clinical Lecturer at University of Leeds, UK. He is currently Honorary Secretary of the British Orthodontic Society, Chair of examiners for Membership of Faculty of Dental Surgery, Royal College of Surgeons of England, and co-Course Director of the Yorkshire Orthodontic Therapy Course. He is co-author of the 5th edition of the best-selling textbook “An Introduction to Orthodontics” as well as writing many peer-reviewed articles and appearing in educational videos. As an entertaining and highly sought-after speaker, he is invited to lecture to orthodontic audiences in over 35 countries, particularly on the topic of orthodontic retention, and is well known for translating high quality research into clinically relevant and practical information for clinical audiences.

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perjantai 14. maaliskuuta 2025