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3M: "May the Forsus™ be with you: Effective Class II correction" -webinaari

Maksuton 3M™-webinaari II-luokan purentojen korjaamiseen tarkoitettujen 3M™ Forsus™ -intraoraalikojeiden käyttäjille ja niistä kiinnostuneille, jossa käydään läpi Forsus-kojeiden hyödyntämistä erityisesti monimutkaisissa tapauksissa.


Renato Tagliaferri, DDS
Ektor Grammatopoulos, BDS, MFDS RCPSG


Aika: Tiistai 11.10.2022 klo 20.00–22.20 Suomen aikaa
Kieli: englanti
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Dr Renato Tagliaferri: "The 3M™ Forsus™ as anchorage. The mesial protraction of the first lower molar in cases of agenesis of the second premolars."

The term “Class II Correction” oversimplifies the diversity that resides in this mode of treatment. There are multiple considerations and approaches included, from skeletal to dental, advancement to retraction, vertical to transverse, adolescent to adult, and others that make each Class II case unique just as the patient is unique.

This educational forum will explore the decisions and factors that influence methods of Class II correction, demonstrating both the variety of cases and some common elements among techniques that can facilitate efficient treatment. Gain insight on innovative concepts and practical advice that can help Class II correction, in its many different forms, effectively.

Dr Ektor Grammatopoulos: Balancing the occlusion in asymmetric molar and canine relationship with 3M™ Forsus™ Correctors.

Dental agenesis among dentition anomaly is the most common. After the third molar,congenital absence of the lower second premolar is the most frequent. In cases of congenitally missing lower second premolars, mesialization of the molars is effective, but it’s a very challenging treatment for the orthodontist.

Three cases of agenesis of adolescent patients will be discussed during the lecture, keeping in mind that our objective is to ensure the patient optimal aesthetics, appropriate function, oral health and long-term stability.


Renato Tagliaferri, DDS
Ektor Grammatopoulos, BDS, MFDS RCPSG

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tiistai 11. lokakuuta 2022 20.00 - 22.20