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3M: "The 3M Way of Doing Indirect Bonding" -webinaari

Maksuton 3M™-webinaari digitaalisaatiosta ja 3M™ APC™ Flash-Free -liimakiinnikkeiden tarjoamista mahdollisuuksista kiinteiden kojeiden kiinnittämiseen.

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Isabelle Savoye, DDS, MS
Marlyn Van Cutsem
David Moreno


Aika: Lauantai 17.9.2022 klo 10.00–14.35 Suomen aikaa
Kieli: englanti
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The 3M Way of Doing Indirect Bonding

In recent decades, orthodontics has undergone a complete evolution. New 3D technology gives us tools to change our conventional way of treating our patients to a more individual level. The methods to achieve an accurate diagnosis have become much more extensive. 3D intraoral scanning combined with associated software allowed practitioners to achieve much more precise treatment plans.

Every patient is unique, so is it a must to follow the trend and offer more precise and efficient solutions to our patients? Is the future of orthodontics going digital? Does digital provide at least the same, or even a better treatment accuracy? The answers to these two questions are key to deciding if today’s digital technology can improve the bonding protocol. In the past, indirect bonding involved many steps in the laboratory process that made it technique sensitive. At this time the combination of intraoral scanning, digital workflows together with disruptive developments like 3M™ APC™ Flash-Free can make the difference.


Isabelle Savoye, DDS, MS
Marlyn Van Cutsem
David Moreno

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